To all who have pinned their hopes on a sophisticated political solution to BREXIT from Parliament, I think it is now clear to the blind that a broken political system cannot deliver solutions and can only deliver more toxic politics for this country. It’s actually quite foolish in my judgement that anyone from either side of the argument can have any confidence in the political establishment delivering any pragmatic/permanent solution to BREXIT beyond possibly getting to the end line; which on the face of it may seem an attractive proposition but with the current political climate translates to further instability and conflict. So if some BREXITEER’s now think this process did not deliver anything close to their expectations, well considering we’re not yet even in BREXIT territory I would say expect more in the way of “surprises” when the – – – – hits the fan.

I have previously mentioned apolitical options out of this mess with the least possible damage which I will not repeat hear; people can view my recent posts. But for any of these (or other) pragmatic solutions to succeed they need to be backed by sustained/peaceful public pressure that would make it impossible for politicians to ignore.

This country is under siege by Parliament from a bunch of politicians who are all but keen to undermine our Democracy in including the head of the government – how is that for irony. We can either stand up for our country and form of governance or step aside/allow them to take permanent control of our future. I’ve actually been quite consistent in this view of the public (NOT Parliament) being the only option of breaking this deadlock for well over a year now. I’ve also been consistent about the set of options we have as a nation to move forward and I was proven right about the utter useless flurry of creating the so called “The Independent Group” and the shameful politics behind creating it when merely walking out of Parliament would have sent the right message when it seizes to represent the will of the people in this country or suppressing their absolute right of choice on having their final say on all the available options. Whether you like it or not I think we can all agree that by any measure this is a defining moment in our history – NOT the BREXIT end line – and I hope we can all switch off, take a deep breath and make a choice once and for all either to act (not based on impulse but thoughtful/careful consideration) or move out of the way altogether which is also a matter of choice.

FYI: The image above does NOT reflect where we are but where we need to be!

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