Theresa May in her good old usual self throws another “bone”; this time to lure her “fan” base in the Conservative party which is growing by the day – quicker even than the Petition to revoke article 50 – to support her deal. Her “BIG Idea” – and there are plenty of those as we all well know by now – is that she’s prepared to resign at the next phase of BREXIT. My suspicion would be that BREXIT hardliners forced that bone out of her hands as a way to back her deal. Forget about the politics of BREXIT for a minute or 2 and focus on this simple idea of internal political manoeuvres to get us to the end line. This on one side; the other side of the equation is Labour which is still trying to figure out what the hell “All Options on the Table” really means because earlier in the game – and it is indeed a silly game – that was not part of the discussion’s at a time when details didn’t account for much; it kind of reminds me of the government’s original BREXIT plan that allowed them to trigger article 50 – an elaborate vision with nice sound bites but thin on detail/viability. This while politicians are taking to the air waves in brainstorming sessions to negotiate BREXIT options, ON TV/NOW! I am looking at all this with shocking disbelief, but then I realise – wow, there is indeed a silver lining in all of this mess which is this simple fact; this indeed is/has always been precisely what BREXIT is all about;

A pack of lies perpetrated by pack of incompetent/political hacks who do nothing but follow narrow ideologies without comprehending consequences in a way that allows them to put forth a viable alternate vision forward.

What they’re relying on now in the 11th hour are existing models of BREXIT without even considering ramifications in applying them to this country; that’s what I’d call blind idealogical biases; they’re not particularly interested in the details of the outcome so long as they get us there at all cost.

So my message to my fellow citizens on all sides of the argument is this;

Let’s not rush into BREXIT until we actually know and agree to what BREXIT really means!

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