Well over a year ago I made a suggestion for a pragmatic way forward to solve this BREXIT cookie in a post which I circulated to party leaders as much I possibly could; here is a link the post. Obviously things have moved quite a bit since then but the overarching point remains the same which is this; we need an inclusive way forward that is apolitical and helps us decide and come with a set of viable options based on facts and merits of the argument so that the public can make an informed judgement in a public vote (People’s Vote) as the only way to build a national consensus moving forward – NOT the hijack approach towards politics we’ve witnessed in the last couple of years. This process needs to be defined/managed (NOT influenced) by a new unity – care taker government that goes into this coalition free from any form of partisanship or showing any form of bias with the only objectives being the following;

  1. Develop/oversee a fair process that is no way influenced by the politics or disinformation campaigns or stained by foreign interference so as to set the choices we have as a nation.
  2. Working together as a unit to help heal the divisions politicians have created during the past 3 years and demonstrating that coalitions should become a norm in the present/future politics of this nation. This is just one of the many changes we need to make in how we do politics in a way that protects our Democracy from interference/influence of lobbyists/special interest power brokers – the real power needs to return to it’s rightful owner which is our citizens.

I suspect and have every confidence that this would be an acceptable proposition for the EU as a reason to extend article 50 beyond June 2019 but no renegotiations involved or wasted time – just a healing process to develop national consensus on options and a public vote.

Once a People’s Vote is completed in setting the direction for this country, we then have a General Election so we can all finally move on from this tough cookie and begin the recovery process in ernest based on the lessons learnt.

The bottom line is that the outcome of this BREXIT humiliating mess can mark the beginning of a new exciting chapter in the necessary evolution of our Democracy – a hard earned lesson on which we can all build on – and as far as I am concerned this is the only option I care to focus on, because the other option ain’t pretty and I would suspect is in no one’s interest. So despite the fact that I did sign the petition to revoke article 50 I was expressing a personal preference but this is would NOT be my choice if we were to set an inclusive policy for this country instead of the (pull-push) approach that unfortunately has been normalised in this toxic environment. So let’s win the argument based on merits not by taking an unfair advantage over an opponent which may be convenient but not sustainable. So let’s NOT do this;

Hope this helps.


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