The details of the deal can be found here but the obvious conclusion is that the EU is demonstrating in no uncertain terms that it is willing, ready and able to consider multiple options as a way out of this self-inflicted mess we’ve created for ourselves and reflected so vividly by an unscrupulous leader like Theresa May; it was painful just watching her doing the rounds again in Brussels and it’s hard not to feel sorry not just for the EU leaders but also the admin staff involved in preparing for these events (you should all expect a big chunk of EXTRA TIME added to your salary this month!). The options in brief includes the following;

  1. Approving the current deal with a short extension taking us the 22nd of May.
  2. A No Deal BREXIT if the UK so chooses
  3. A shorter extension – as the default if Theresa May’s plan is voted down in Parliament – taking us to April 12th if there is another proposition that requires a longer extension so long as the UK participates in the EU elections in May.
  4. Revoking Article 50. 

It seems to me that the EU is pulling out all the stops to help this country understand one thing and one thing only;

The EU is indeed our trusted partner and unlike our own government is trying to provide us with some additional wiggle room beyond the current deal to help avoid a hard-BREXIT rather than the Nuclear/binary choice of “My Deal or Deal” proposition championed by our irresponsible Theresa May – remember she’s the one taking absolutely no responsibility for the mess we face today as she lectured us recently.

Now I do not know how our genius politicians will respond to this offer though I mentioned a preferred choice briefly here which can maximise the benefit of a longer extension (and I still suspect the terms of the longer extension is negotiable particularly with regards to participating in the EU elections if it is deemed a show stopper for some and we do come up with a solid/viable plan to help resolve this cookie) but what I do know for sure is that – irrespective if we end up in/out of the EU and while respecting the different views on this matter and the necessity of a fair process to help heal/unite the nation – here’s my take; despite the verbal bashing that the EU gets by some of our Pro-BREXIT cowboys even from within the EU parliament itself like the man with the union jack sox (he knows himself), the reality is that the EU is indeed our only trusted partner so let’s do all possible to protect/enhance this relationship whatever the BREXIT outcome may be; and one sure way to help protect it is to resolve this cookie in reasonable time as of right now. We also need to come to terms with the fact that our main source of conflict has never really been about our relationship with EU, but rather an internal conflict due in some cases to poor policy and in other cases due to disinformation perpetrated in the main by a well-off clan with narrow idealogical biases; so at some point when the dust settles we need to have an open debate on what really triggered BREXIT and how we got here and what needs to change.

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