Right off the bat let me first suggest that a hard BREXIT is not on anyone’s cards and here’s why;

  • While many would agree that Theresa May is a completely bankrupt personality in terms of ethics and political integrity she must know well that making this hard dive would land her in very hot waters indeed – she already has plenty to answer for as it is, so I suspect she would NOT want to test this theory.
  • For the EU a hard BREXIT would also translate to economic and other complications on the continent – so if at all possible they would want to avoid this scenario.

Now with regards to the EU’s BREXIT fatigue, let me suggest that we most definitely share your feelings then the EU is NOT entirely blameless as I mention in this post. With that said I continue to believe that the only way out of the mess we face today – and thanks plenty Theresa May – is to have a longer extension of article 50 to allow us to get our house in order without dividing the country further as I mention in this post. It is pointless in my view – and the EU leaders should know this – to try and force reaching the end line when the country is that divided and there is plenty of in the way of evidence of the lack of authority of the Theresa May – so if many in the EU are beginning to lose trust in her recently let me suggest that for many of us in the UK this ship has sailed a long time ago – not sure why this was not blatantly clear to the EU negotiating team earlier on in the process so as to demand further clarification instead of wasting more time. In other words the signing off of on the agreement is merely the first step then comes the hard part which involves the sustainability of the deal and it’s implementation. So I can only urge EU leaders to be open for a longer extension if there is indeed consensus within the British parliament that this should be the way forward to solving this tough “cookie” – I used to love them but now I can’t stand the sight of a cookie though I am sure this will eventually come to pass with time – hopefully EU leaders can similarly overcome BREXIT memories in the near future, preferably after that desperately needed article 50 extension 🙂

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