Although I believe that we’re well past petition & letters to MP’s time a while ago and knowing full well Theresa May’s government would never consider anything remotely close to this petition, I still believe it is an opportunity for the public to make their voices heard – albeit a convenient/easy way. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate to the EU that the current so called “government” does not represent the majority of this country. So I am sharing here a link to this petition which seems to gaining traction very quickly and hope people would take the opportunity to sign it; What is really called for now is political activism – something I’ve been calling for in posts months ago – in the form of sustained/peaceful street protests to help set the path for a political settlement in the form of a People’s Vote and possibly an extension to article 50 as mentioned in my previous post to help sort Theresa May’s mess.

FYI: The link above was working on both mobile device as well as on the computer – now however the link seems broken. Not sure if this is deliberate or not but interesting to see that even when the public tries desperately to be heard “something” stands in the way – could be that the system can’t handle the level of response; the irony of a broken parliament with a broken petition site is not lost on me. But then again I have every confidence they will eventually be heard, so please keep trying because the link does work with repeated trials.

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