• No responsibility for triggering article 50 without a viable plan
  • No responsibility for the flawed process she engineered and one marred by secrecy and back alley agreements to subvert our Democracy even when it comes to following parliamentary regulation/precedence
  • No responsibility for failing to listen to the voice of the electorate in the 2017 parliamentary election and provide a more inclusive approach in BREXIT negotiations having failed to secure a majority in parliament
  • No responsibility for wasted time/resources not to mention the tremendous economic & political impact due to her reckless approach in handling the negotiations with a country now in peril.
  • No responsibility for failing to the unite the country under a single/pragmatic vision – but rather exacerbate & use the division to help maintain control; a strategy well established in authoritarian regimes

Some suggest that Theresa May has proved to be a resilient leader – but in my view she could only be considered resilient when comparing a coward’s unwavering approach to do all possible so as to avoid taking responsibility for the mess created; there’s certainly nothing fancy or awkward about Theresa May’s ethos. So forget about BREXIT for a minute and consider this simple question; is this really the best this country can offer for a leader – an accidental leader to be more precise? If the answer is in the affirmative than we’re in deep trouble as a country irrespective of BREXIT (if in any doubt just look around); and if the answer is in the negative as suggested in the recent poll with 90% of the public believing that the process she engineered has been a national humiliation then the first port of call is for parliament to chuck her out of office, create a unity government with it’s first task being to negotiate terms for an extension of article 50 with the EU until we’re able to pick up/sort the mess Theresa May has left us with – that is of course until such time when accountability kicks in for her and her BREXIT “champions”. But to reach this mindset MP’s across parties will need to first reverse the damage caused by Theresa May’s “egoship” in terms of division & partisanship, stop blaming each other and focus solely on ways to get us all out of this mess considering the fact that this is a once in a lifetime national crisis and one that requires true leadership and compromise away from the bad old habits of Politics as Usual. Remember, time can be on our side if we play it right, so let’s try and use it wisely in whatever decision we make – ignoring BREXIT hardliners whom we all know have their own self-destruct strategy for the country. I would particularly be betting on the new generation of MP’s across parties to help set a different tone/direction in these difficult times – this is their opportunity to shine and their future to shape. This proposition of course may not happen but at least I am suggesting an alternative approach and if there are better ideas out there to get us out of this fix I am also all for it so long as they are viable, lasting and inclusive to the maximum extent possible, let’s just stop wasting time and as Theresa May always likes to lecture us; “Let’s get on with it!” with “it” of course being fixing her mess.

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