With the daily House of Commons shambles – which is about the only thing that is Common nowadays in that house – the EU seems to be caught between a a rock and a hardball, so they opt instead for going on a fishing expedition unfortunately though in a contaminated lake where a ginormous sign stands at it’s front reading; “No Fishing PLEASE!”. So the indication by Donald Tusk’s recent statement agreeing to Theresa May’s call for a short extension to article 50 translates to this in my view;

We’ll do all possible to help Theresa May defeat the hardline Brexiteer’s even if it means supporting a leader that we know full well has absolutely no credibility just so as to reach the end of the line.

The problem with this “philosophy” of pushing for a deal to reach the end line in a broken political system with no credible leadership and a divided country does not translate to anything beyond an ongoing headache for the EU. But beyond this headache and more importantly the EU is in a sense putting it’s thumb on the scale by supporting the subversion of our Democracy – as if we needed help from outside – by signalling it’s acceptance for parliament to vote a third time on a bill that was rejected twice irrespective of the fact that it is indeed against parliamentary regulations as highlighted by the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow to re-introduce the same bill again for a vote. This approach in my humble view runs completely contrary to Democratic principles/values the EU has been known to champion and questions the EU’s commitment in this area and whether it is mainly about values driven by political convenience.

A more viable approach – you would think – would be for the EU to call for genuine unity in backing the deal and even going as far as defending the right of a People’s Vote on the existing deal and even if it means negotiating the conditions with the existing government or a group of MP’s across parties to allow extending Article 50 beyond the June deadline – particular on the issue of European elections and other related matters – NOT to re-negotiate a new deal but to help reach a consensus that guarantees a lasting agreement. This to me would make a more sensible/pragmatic proposition to help resolve this tough cookie called BREXIT in a way that abides by the basic values of Democracy while ensuring that whatever comes at the end of this process – one that started flawed – is sustainable. In other words time is in the interest of all sides – except of course the kind of people who wear a Union Jack Socks!

What do you think?

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