The BREXIT comedy continues in parliament with the decision now being  a vote for 1 of 4 motions;

  • Motion C, Customs Union
  • Motion D, Common Market 2.0 (to be re-negotiated with the EU)
  • Motion E, Confirmatory public vote (or Referendum on selected deal)
  • Motion G, Parliamentary Supremacy (Extension, Leave or Revoke Article 50)

Now first let me just say to our genius MP’s well done, because with these “technical/scientific” options you continue to demonstrate your lack of awareness of the mess you’ve already created – and this only exacerbates the situation and here’s why;

  1. Considering that a Public Vote is still mulled over as just an option and ignoring what this say’s about our Democracy – let me suggest that bypassing a People’s Vote would translate to continued division in the country with one of 2 or potentially all sides crying foul because parliament choose to take some options off the table with this approach. This not mention that many can make the case that parliament betrayed the people by making choices on their behalf without giving them the opportunity to vote on these options. That’s the pickle if a pubic vote is NOT considered the default path.
  2. Though I am a Remainer I am totally/utterly against every effort of taking a No-Deal BREXIT off the table or hiding it under another motion that in effect blocks it from being fairly voted on as an option in a public vote. In other words all options need to be put on the table and the people have to make the ultimate choice. Despite the unfortunate name being used for motion G, there is no Parliamentary Supremacy when it comes to the people’s right to vote on such a consequential decision that affects their future – they are entitled to that vote and taking it away may prove problematic.

In my view a People’s Vote on all options – particularly with the toxic environment the so-called “politicians” created – is the only way to establish some level of unity and due process the people in this country deserve after such an long exhaustive/useless BREXIT ride over the last 2 years. With all that said it would be best as mentioned previously if we can agree a final/feasible extension with the EU to ensure we’re able to lay out the options clearly to the nation rather than rushing a vote through – and also to take the steam out of the current toxic/heated environment. Again this has to preferably be with the oversight (NOT interference) of a care taker government to be in charge of the process.

Finally, please enjoy your debates and make sure to have a tea break every once in a while so you can all think a bit more clearly.

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