Yes, this is the British version of Tombola but with higher/jucier “steaks”. Now we read rumours about the potential of snap elections being considered by the so-called government. This in my judgement would be a recipe for a disaster with no vision/no direction, no leadership and a country divided, so to say it would be a waste of time would be an understatement.

Now I know BREXIT exhaustion is creeping in not only in the UK but also in the EU – and frankly the limited space I have left still operable in my brains – but let me remind all that reaching the end line should NOT be the ultimate objective but rather it has to be a permanent resolution with a viable/lasting vision for a UK/EU relationship – so let’s NOT allow this creep fatigue to drive the politics of this thing called BREXIT because there is too much at stake; how about starting by giving it another name as a way to refresh/trick our minds into thinking we’re dealing with something completely different – OK..agree..won’t work 🙁 The proposition for a long extension is by far the best option we have but it has to be at the back of an agreed timeline/national plan not to re-negotiate the deal but to better assess all options while uniting the country and have a People’s Vote on all options at the end of a well defined/protected process. Whether the extension translates to continued UK membership in the organisation or if there is some other form of placeholder membership status – that can be negotiated is the same – though I would think the 2nd option would be better if at all possible because it is not right to have an uncommitted member to continue taking part in EU activities in addition to the fact that it will allow at least some BREXITEEER’s to consider this to be a viable alternative. This may NOT be the ideal approach but I think the one most likely to work with minimal impact on the economy until we make the final decision.

A snap election on the other hand provides no clear vision on alternatives – it is a political dodge – similar to the one that triggered the 1st Referendum – by politicians that are keen to brush off responsibility for the mess they got us in while giving an illusion of Democracy when in fact there is division within the main political parties about the way forward. A political win for either party translates to merely strengthening their political “authority”; in other words it is in a way legitimising the continuation of the broken politics that have led us into this mess in the first place. All this for what? The obvious answer is to avoid at all cost a direct say for the People to assess/vote on existing options because if there is anything both party leaders agree on it is to BREXIT.

In terms of the actions we should take within this extension period I already mentioned ideas in recent posts so will not rehash here.

Hope this helps but I suspect it won’t.

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