A very interesting/recent interview by CBS News with former FBI Agent Peter Strzok giving his perspective about the 2016 election meddling as well as the interactions between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Peter Strzok is considered a controversial figure due to the bias he showed during 2016 election and beyond after the publication of his infamous text messages to his colleague former FBI attorney  Lisa Page. Granted these were inappropriate messages; but even during the hearings in Congress the focus was squarely on the content of these messages which are a reflection of his opinion rather than any actions he may have taken in this direction – something that frustrated even me at the time – because that was by design from the GOP clan. The expectation that FBI agents are more like robots with no personal opinion on the issues of the day is a joke in the best of time; rather it should be about precise actions that could be perceived as suspect. But relying on personal opinions captured on a mobile phone particularly in this case when facing aggressive/gruesome remarks by the “could be president” about an immigrant family of a fallen U.S. war hero as he mentioned in the hearing – here – is political opportunism that does nothing to uncover true bias in action – and something I wish he himself would have tried to ask GOP Congressmen/women to react to as a pushback to their false narratives. I guess this is yet another example of what I mentioned in my previous post of political games rather than seriously political debate – but we always seem to swallow the bait when it’s well presented because we’re suckers for presentation rather than true value – hope we change our approach to become more analytical about what we absorb in speech/narratives because that’s a precursor to any change we hope to achieve in the divisive/narrow ideological politics of today.

Anyway, hope you enjoy watching this interview.

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