A very simple message to the Swedish people in your upcoming elections; blame not the immigrant but rather the politicians who have become so disconnected from daily life locked in their lavish buildings/offices and keeping them from understanding the concerns of many from the effects of flawed immigration policies – and this coming from an immigrant. It is not being hypocritical to suggest that immigration needs proper controls not just about numbers but more importantly about how people are able to integrate seamlessly into their new society. This is not a matter of culture or religious beliefs but rather the adaptability of people to adjust to quite different environments. That aside let me also make the point that the alternative to flawed policy is not people/parties with a racist agenda – this actually exacerbates the problem and does not fix anything. I do not know much about the SD party and Swede’s can make their own judgment, but here’s the thought – don’t give in to extremists ideology irrespective of who/how perpetrates it – rather elect people that understand the issue and are keen to fix it without alienating minorities or using them as a punching pillow for all the issues you face – these immigrants are not the cause but a symptom of flawed policy; and by the way not just Immigration policies but a big chunk of the problem is flawed Foreign Policy if only politicians would listen/learn. And always remember if done properly Immigration provides tremendous opportunity NOT a threat. So I can only recommend fixing the politics while ensuring there are effective programs to allow minorities to integrate while respecting the dominant culture. I would also hope Sweden continues to be an open/forward looking society and not become inward looking whatever your choice may be. And finally please resist calls to confuse the BREXIT situation with Sweden’s future; if anything please learn from the failures of BREXIT that we face in the UK and the narrow ideology behind it and more importantly the flawed process and the external influences that corrupted it – so do protect yourselves from these elements and you’re good to go for whichever path you choose.  

At the end of the day it is your choice and it is part of the evolution process you will need to go through – so all the best because as I would say; Fear Not Change but the Lack of Change.

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