Now that’s a first!! The question is though; in what capacity? However the word capacity implies capability/performance so in this situation I’d suggest a more accurate  question; in what form? As a chicken tikka masala perhaps, or as a KFC style chicken….the options are endless. The fact of the matter is pint pal bj is conveniently taking all diversions necessary – even better where travel is involved – to hide from domestic pressure related to his pure incompetence & immaturity. With that said and in much the same way I cannot blame an immature child for his actions, same applies here. The blame really belongs to a cabinet (which I’d call the mini-British Kremlin) and a Conservative party which for all intents and purposes are for the most part the clutch of chicks supporting this child. This is a party that has defaced Britain in much the same way that the Republican Party in the U.S. is destroying America as we know it. So when bj & cabinet start talking about controlling migration to preserve national identity let me suggest that this national identity and the pride that goes with it are being dragged through the mud by the likes of Mr. Chicken and the policies of supporting chicks for the last 6 years. All in all our political system is in a mess and we need to ensure there is more of a direct Democracy in electing and removing our leaders  NOT a rogue party system and the lobbyists/unelected power brokers that work behind the scenes – forget about Left, Right and Center distractions politicians like you to focus on – but that’s a conversation for another day….

Just a thought.

Britain Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Just Help Make it a Brief Visit

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