Let me start by putting some context here so we can to try and make sense of the situation cause it is a bit confusing;

  1. On July 20 Michel Barnier warns EU to step up NO DEAL BREXIT preparation
  2. On July 22 Dominic Raab the then” new BREXIT Secretary criticises Michel Barnier for his “irresponsible” statement about BREXIT in STEP 1 – as mentioned in this post
  3. TodayDavid Davis, the “then” “then” BREXIT Secretary warns the EU of a possible NO DEAL BREXIT.

OK, Mr. Davis we got there in the end, so my question is who exactly are you warning about a NO DEAL BREXIT; is it by any chance the gentleman mentioned in STEP 1 above? If so can you please as a personal favour recite – loudly – all 3 STEPS and see if you’re making any sense.

Here’s the thing; I appreciate people can have differing views/visions within political parties and within cabinet, that’s fair game. As a matter of fact that is indeed a good thing. However in important negotiations that will affect the nation for generations to come – despite the flawed process that got us here – can you see the awkward fix we’re in when a government representing this country can’t actually claim to represent it or even have a unified voice within the clan running the show (i.e. the Conservative Party BREXITEERS)? Was that not the point when the PM decided to take charge of the negotiations? More importantly you seem to be threatening Michel Barnier of shooting yourself in the foot, now how intelligent is that? If you & your clan actually believe we have the upper hand in these negotiations based on what we’ve come to know, why not call it Quits plain/simple rather continuing those threats and wasting time/resources – backing up Courage with Action? If this is all a bluff, then please just Bluff Away!

As for Liam Fox’s characterisation of EU position as one based on “theological obsession”, I really don’t know what theology has got to do with this. If you mean ideology then it makes sense but it wouldn’t make sense you talk about it because we all know very well that by and large the very foundation of the BREXIT movement is driven by xenophobic/ideological prejudices covered by a touch of politics for garnish.

Anyway, at some point we really need to look into doing a better job electing our reps in Parliament as well as developing more effective mechanism for oversight to protect against policies driven by partisanship and ideological prejudices – this should no longer be the standard mode of play in Parliament as a matter of principal; we need to evolve from this situation because our Democracy is at risk and has been for sometime now.

Let me end with this clip from the documentary Yes Prime Minister, in line with what we’ve been discussing on the topic of bluffs – it’s really good stuff;

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