We hear of the cabinet on mini BREXIT breaks to Europe to sell the new deal. Now here’s the problem Mrs. May (and I hope/suspect the EU is listening); selling any form of deal to the EU becomes a bit tricky when your own legitimacy as leader of this country is itself questionable to say the least – so engaging in any form of negotiations in this case is – putting it mildly – “stupid” and when stakes are this high it becomes “fraud”. I know personal dignity & respect to country are NOT concepts associated with the “ethos” of your clan but these continue to be elements perceived necessary in our Democracy to be able to lead, particularly in the difficult times we face today. Whether we BREXIT or NOT you most certainly will be held accountable for the mess you’re causing and for single handedly undermining every aspect of our Democracy. So in a nutshell Mrs. May – and to put it in terms you may be able to understand – you are the one who is undermining the negotiations; you might as well define any number of alternate plans – you as head of the British government – are the ultimate weak point in the negotiations and everyone knows it in the EU, the UK and even within your own party, so no plan can take that away from you. So to me merely talking about BREXIT plan A, B or C is a distraction – we need a clean slate then we can start talk’n. 

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