It is a tad rich for new BREXIT secretary Dominic Raab to suggest that it’s ‘irresponsible’ for the EU to flag risks of no-deal BREXIT. We’ve heard these terms before from the clan running the country; terms like “inappropriate” or “irresponsible” etc. when referring to the EU. Now I appreciate you’re merely following the script, but please avoid using these terminologies in respect of your own team. You see it just confuses people to hear these terms from the “responsible” gang running the country and the quite “appropriate” mess we’re heading for thanks to the leadership of your party – not the country. More importantly it’s a bit concerning that now you don’t only want the British people to head towards the cliff edge in a straitjacket; no siree Bob that ain’t good enough – now the EU is required to try on a similar straitjacket to see if fits just to cover your behind.  Now let me tell you a secret – you may have a distorted understanding of Democratic values/principles (and I encourage you & your clan to read more about them) – but the majority of the British people can see through this charade and so does the EU and I am convinced that eventually you and your friends will be held accountable for the crisis we live today in this country; so have fun for now cause I have a feeling it won’t last long.

PS. Great strategy challenging the EU on the BREXIT bill – truly experience shows. Now how about this for an idea; start looking at our own running bill in this BREXIT stampede.

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