Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable denies plotting new anti-Brexit centrist party after missing an important vote on BREXIT in the House of Commons. Not sure what sort of “Party” he’s been up to but it is clear the precarious situation Liberal parties are facing in this country particularly at a time when their voices are needed more than ever and with a golden opportunity to put forth a vision that unites the country. It is unfortunate however that when the clock continues to tick they are busy counting members, bragging about meagre successes at local elections and yes of course “tweeting”. I’ve always believed that the Liberal Democrats needed a different kind of leader or at least allow a genuine contest for party leadership and I’m disappointed to see I that was right. As I repeatedly mentioned in previous posts the political eco system in Britain desperately needs to be injected with new blood in all parties; one with a new vision/approach in serving the country that is less about party badges and more about pragmatic politics. We also need more Independent politicians to balance the composition of parliament NOT more parties.

With all that said, the focus now needs to be squarely on unseating the current disastrous Prime Minister and her government – again based on a clear/unifying vision forward – so that the BREXIT process is challenged/verified rather than it being hijacked; no other approach is viable at this late stage. Time is ticking fast and so is the bill we’ll have to bear for generations to come – so no “Party” time for now, just pure leadership is what’s called for.

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Vince Cable denies plotting new anti-Brexit centrist party 

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