However complex the issues at hand when considering BREXIT negotiations we have to keep reminding ourselves that Democracy is about Means irrespective of Ends. In other words the process that got us here and continues to drive us towards the BREXIT doors is more important than any positive or negative implications of BREXIT in of itself. Why? Well the reason is quite simple; how we make choices in this country becomes the overriding character of what we stand for as a nation irrespective of rosy principles/values we brag about. This is precisely why process is much more important than objectives and if we continue to turn a blind eye towards flawed processes this inevitably undermines our Democratic values/credentials which took generations and  plenty of sacrifices to develop and affects our reputation/influence in an ever complex world we live in. Equally important when allowing this flawed/farce process to continue is that we would in effect be normalising corrupt politics which will become even more open to internal/external influence. This is the real choice when we’re talking BREXIT; what we stand for a nation; this is the foundation nations build on – anything else in terms of political or economic development (IN or OUT) will NOT take us far without agreeing on this simple concept. In brief we really need to go back to basics in terms of setting our priorities before it’s much too late to do much about it; so politicians really need to step up to the plate in saving this country from dire consequences if we continue with this mess.

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