We really seem to be living in exciting times for our Democracy in Britain; thanks to a Parliament that seems completed disconnected/oblivious to the will of the British people if recent exit polls about BREXIT are anything to go by – link below. It is clear to me that the British people are being taken for a ride on this issue and let me repeat myself as suggested in previous posts that this is a taste of things to come if we continue down this path. Today as an example we read about Diane Abbott of the “Opposition” Labour party announcing party plans to overhaul visa policy post BREXIT; thanks much for that, truly appreciated. In other words what we’re seeing here is that the majority of the British people have no actual representation in Parliament – because their voices have been largely muted off. In fact it seems the BREXITEER’s in the Conservative partly have an active ally in Jeremy Corbyn despite the political/public posturing from Labour on this issue. As I mentioned in a previous post I am beginning to suspect that Labour confusion on BREXIT is actually by design to give the false impression that there is disagreement with the government on BREXIT – there may well be disagreement on the edges but not the core decision. So what we seem to have in the current parliament is the novel situation where a bunch of spineless political hacks making party political calculations that have nothing to do with the good of the country nor the will of the majority. 

But at the end of the day it is our choice whether we accept this farcical scenario and decide that our place should remain on the sideline. BREXIT in my view continues to be less about the political/economic future of the country – important as that may be – and more about the future of our political/value-based system where “Process” is a key protection mechanism against the abuse of our Democracy and turning it into “Opportunocracy”. It may well be – and I’m slowly coming to that conclusion – that we need to go through this BREXIT experience so that we can finally disprove the myths of the Eurosceptics once and for all; the only thing is there is a heavy price to pay and it ain’t cheap.  

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