The mob “leading” Britain once again try and re-morph the definition of BREXIT causing a big bird to jump ship – 1 PM more to go. It is no longer necessary to discuss details of yet another exit strategy because it’s becoming quite boring; what we do know is that our negotiating position could NOT be stronger 🙂 Think of the chaos in cabinet and in their moving strategy – the quite disciplined chaos of course – and make an honest judgement as to whether BREXIT is the ultimate strategy as with the saying “the ends justify the means”. The message from the mob is this; think NOT beyond BREXIT, let’s just do all possible to get there/after that trust us we’ll be fine; oh really!!??? I guess the logic would be something along the lines; don’t trust us based on the present chaos, only trust with the future…chaos – now that makes a lot of sense. BREXIT as we were led to believe was the path to greater things to come but it turns out they ain’t comin’. What we need is a reality check by halting this convoluted/disastrous process until we understand fully what’s at stake and the options we have as I mentioned in previous posts. The sooner we reach this conclusion the better because delays translates instantly to further political/economic paralysis. But then again let’s NOT ever forget – as I’ve mentioned in previous posts – that there needs to be swift accountability of the PM herself for her stupid decision in triggering article 50 without a viable/realistic negotiating strategy; we need to keep a score so that politicians are treated in the same manner we expect to be treated ourselves when we make poor judgements on critical issues.

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