Now that a crash seems a likely prospect for BREXIT the government decides to do the “Responsible” thing by publishing a series of technical notices designed to prepare the UK for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. Now just to get us started here – on a weekend – let me suggest a few things;

  1. Please remove the “Responsibility” from your official statement vocabulary for “your” time being, particularly with the dismal history of this government and your Operator in Chief when it relates to Responsible action from day 1 of triggering article 50 onwards. I will resist the temptation of rehashing what I’ve posted before here – as a Responsible person – so you can read my views elsewhere on this site.
  2. It’s kind of amusing – though not particularly funny when considering implications for the country – that you just woke up to this reality of a possible CRASH when both you and the EU where signalling the prospect some time ago; a reality by the way that has only 1 culprit; yourselves and your stupid choices, a reality of a situation that has been coming close in slow motion.
  3. How in this great universe of ours do you expect us to have any confidence in your “technical notes” with your dismal performance in both documenting & producing the BREXIT Assessment papers as well as the as the recent BREXIT White paper – essentially making a negotiating plan while already negotiating; now how intelligent is that? So as the time of a Negotiating plan was pre-triggering article 50, time for Responsible action is well past it’s time. As for the technicality of your notes, let me tell you; with your track record I wouldn’t allow anyone of you to ride a bike in public cause I suspect it would be too technical. So please stay away from anything technical because this country can’t take any more of your technical expertise – it costs quite a bit and we’re the ones doing the paying for it. Do simple things like going to a pub.
  4. Let me respectfully suggest that what is called for is NOT Responsibility FROM this Government but rather Accountability FOR this Government from top to bottom; a cleansing process if you like for the whole country from this flawed process and an utterly incompetent government.

For me now more than ever – and I hope people will eventually come to the same conclusion – the question is no longer about BREXIT IN/OUT but connected to that – not even a close second – is Accountability for this clan that did not spare a whimper in attempting to unite the country under an inclusive vision forward as the only viable and intelligent approach considering a flawed referendum process and a divided nation. No, their approach was simple; move forward with your plans and place all dissenting voices in your blind spot to avoid distraction. If we fail to do a proper/transparent Accountability assessment it will in effect be normalising a level of divisive/quasi authoritarian politics that will quite likely break our Democracy in short order.

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