Cabinet ministers travelling throughout Europe to defend the new BREXIT plan with a feisty mood but with weird messaging. Here we have Jeremy Hunt the lucky one  – moving from Minister of Olympics to Secretary of Health and now the big one as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs – a truly outstanding/sensible path/profile for the job – suggesting that the EU believe they just have to wait long enough and Britain will blink, “and that’s not going to happen” says the lucky one. No Mr. Hunt Britain need not blink because thanks to the current disastrous government we’re in the constant “twitch” zone now. Making remarks like that would have been excused have we not experienced the shambolic politics of the clan ever since triggering article 50, but considering the history we know making remarks like that looks pretty foolish – what do you think? Oh, and by the way it would have been really nice when making your case to the EU that the translation of the White Paper released by the government for circulation to EU members had NOT been full of translation mistakes; you would think this would be the minimal level of responsibility expected – but no you messed that up too. So this begs the question and forgetting all about politics for a minute; what precisely do you guys represent & what the hell are/is your strong point/s – cause we really need to go back to basics here and find out for each one of you the subject matter that happens to be your passion and take it from there? We just want to help you all remap an “appropriate/responsible” career path in the entertainment industry or something else exciting but in line with your talents; no lead roles initially you understand until you get the hang of it.

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