The following few clips from a recent program hosted by James O’Brien British radio presenter at LBC London radio station inspired me to write this brief post mainly to share these clips but also to make a brief comment which is this;

Anger & frustration of where we are with this current leadership is a complete/utter waist of time/effort because we are allowing this farce to continue; this is a repeat of what I mentioned in many previous posts. Had rules been broken in the same manner in other European states or had disgusting decisions been made about deporting immigrants to Rwanda – especially by someone who’s own family are themselves 2 hop immigrants and who’s track record suggests suspect loyalties despite being at the top of homeland security – I suspect the streets would have been quite busy in defiance of these decisions because people power is part of the equation in any mature Democracy when things go off the rails – not just to protest about lockdowns. I fear that Brits are slowly but surely being conditioned to get on with their new imposed role by the far-right bunch as a herd of sheep expected to follow but not stand in the way so long as it’s not election time. On election time however many choose willingly to follow the script – self imposed or given to them by their political masters – rather than be guided by their own conscience / common sense. We need to understand that even considering the current deficiencies/flaws in our party system that we are now beyond talking Liberal vs. Conservative values/ideology; rather its about a more simpler yet fundamental concept; the ability to lead honourably/competently and with a sense of integrity in taking responsibility for their own actions and ones of people they lead without privilege in facing / applying laws / regulations; here I am not addressing the brainless child at No. 10 Downing Street but to the Conservative party that’s being dragged in the mud by this kid and taking the country along for the ride. Under normal circumstances and in any decent democracy the leader would be the first to call for a general election as validation of his/her support or just resign altogether when the mess is beyond repair to allow the country to move on.

My friends whether you notice it or not Britain is paying a heavy price day-in-day-out for the incompetence/corruption we see at the top of government and we all share in the pain of recovery once this nightmare is over though the payments have already started to trickle down a while ago both politically and economically but the deeper the dive the steeper the climb. So to sum up the choice is ours alone to make and the consequences are ours alone to bear.

Just a thought

Democracy is Priceless

But It’s Protection has a Cost That Must Be Shared

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