Wrapping up the Middle East Conflict in this manner will prove Quite Tricky Quite Quickly. Reliance on the allegiance of corrupt leaders/dictators in the region is a big miscalculation particularly that they are loosing support fast, while others do not have the benefit of political stability that would allow them to constrain their followers. It is also clear that the United States due to its recent policy of disengagement from the region which was applied in worst possible time (post Arab spring) has lost any level of public support/trust in the region-thanks in part to Russian campaigns of disinformation specifically targeting the region since 2014. It would also be conceivable that such a step could in effect be a unifying factor for Sunni & Shiaa forces in the region to develop a coalition to help counter such measures. I would therefore encourage the EU to either play a more constructive role in these regional conflicts or at the very least eliminate any level of support to conflict parties until a viable solution is reached-it is becoming increasingly clear that Israeli right wing policy is a major destabilising factor in the region.

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