Representative Mike Pompeo is quite a controversial figure although you would not see it from his slick presentation at the Senate Confirmation Hearing where he seemed quite cordial while maintaining a professional attitude throughout that hearing. One line of questioning from the Democratic members of the panel focused on whether he would follow the law in terms of definition of torture as opposed to his own previously publicised views on the matter. This seemed quite odd as a line of questioning; why, well what do you expect him to say beyond that he will indeed follow the law of the land? Questions in such hearings should rather focus on candidate views in raw irrespective of legal constraints which may change. This helps paint a more genuine character of the candidate rather than allow him the convenience of ducking the question by promising to uphold the law. Same applies to other hearings I’ve watched. I truly felt Democrats had an opportunity to expose some extremists views of top administration candidates during these hearings and they messed it up to an extent. Remember the key in the fightback is “Exposure” and not necessarily the power (or lack there of) in Congress. Every opportunity to “Expose” should be utilised effectively and not wasted otherwise it is likely to be a long recovery road ahead.

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