Well, having heard about – NOT watched & NOT interested in watching – the first U.S. presidential debate yesterday with the flying insults/shouting that mired the event in a way that no other similar debate has managed to achieve in the history of America I would be surprised if any of you don’t need a hearing aid by now or at least want to have a long sleep. That said this debate has put forth the stark choices now facing America in a world growing tired of the mess that came out of the 2016 resulting in a country being taken over by a political (and with a growing suspicion of a criminal)  mob; NOT just in the White House but also in Congress which is far worse when the concept of Checks/Balances has been decimated. But ignoring the politics for a bit I am here to share a perspective – briefly – as a non-American myself; someone who’s never been to the United States but had the opportunity to attend part of his early education at an American school at an early age where one is tremendously influenced by his/her experience to the extent that it formulates their outlook/worldview in a way they live with their entire life. Someone who’s also worked a few years for the USIS and became even more convinced of the importance of education/educational exchange programs – as another tool of soft power – and how they provide a tremendous benefit for the United States both in terms of knowledge/cultural exchange as well as an important point of influence. What came out of this experience of mine is the realization of the critical role of American Soft Power throughout the world – i.e the ability to attract and co-opt, rather than coerce – whether it be through culture/way of life, a solid value base that drives/empowers it’s policy both nationally and internationally. Let me suggest to America – if it’s still listening/on the line – that this Soft Power is the only real power America possess – or at least one that cannot be matched by any other regional power around the world because among others it has some solid history to back it. Unfortunately though this value base that is foundation of such influence is NOT a given and needs to be constantly defended/reaffirmed because no amount of history can guarantee its survival; otherwise America is transformed into another template of regional power similar to those of nations considered adversaries and wouldn’t they love to see America go side ways (i.e their own kind of way). So my message to America is this; above all else understand what is truly at stake as opposed to what politicians would have you believe cause it’s ain’t about Right vs. Left, Conservative vs. Democrat – in fact this archaic model to politics needs to change once and for all whether in the U.S. or else where in the world; politics should be all/only about a moral/adaptable/value driven foundation of workable/pragmatic solutions that work – or could work – for the majority NOT narrow ideologies/hit jobs that may make us feel better (or some much richer) in the short term but divide/destroy us long term. By the way is Britain on the line too cause this was supposed to be a conference call 🙂 ??

So America, the term Your Future Is In Your Hands has never been more true than it is today and I hope you make a prudent choice.

Hope this helps and if not just hang up and you’ll be good 🙂

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