Who ever said diplomacy is about shying away from facts rather than exposing/facing them? In this recent interview with German Bundestag foreign affairs committee chair Mr. Norbert Röttgen he was crystal clear about his views of trump’s actions in undermining the U.S election. trump once said about the COVID pandemic it is what it is, well from what we now know about donald trump we can safely say he is who he is. As for western democracies and organizations like the EU they need to ensure they’re building a fail-safe system by not being reliant on other nations however powerful or from other forms of influence – that should be the model to develop otherwise what we’re building is massive system that’s likely to blow in our face. I guess the only good thing coming out of this trump presidency is that we can use it as an incredibly rich source of info about the failures in our governance model that’s now become so full of patches/loopholes that it now needs a complete/incremental overhaul to make it more representative of our values and adaptable for future challenges; one effective enough for future generations to build on.

Just another thought in the bucket, while we all wait for the election results.

Take Care, Stay Safe/Positive & Respect Others Safety

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