Here’s my final take on the U.S. election results and I leave you in the capable hands of the brilliant John Oliver in unpacking this whole soap opera as it continues to unfold. As I mentioned in my first post about the election here where early indications did not look promising that even a close call election in favor of Joe Biden after 4 years of this vile administration is still not a good enough result. In other words the road ahead is difficult for America – but hold on same goes for many parts of Europe that bought into this sick ideology irrespective of left/right political divide. By the way the concept of ideology is beyond trump himself – as I mentioned many many times in previous posts – who is incapable of reading but very effective when it comes to passing pens around like in the following clip; trump has only been a convenient clown for the real gang behind the scenes that took charge of defining policy and moving him in that direction. The cardinal point here is this; the EU along with the current U.S. administration need to come up with a well defined/coordinated strategy to rid western democracies from this dangerous ideology able to destroy us from within because the fact is it cannot be defeated any other way. This election win should be considered a temporary break to reassess/regroup NOT a decisive win to an ideology keen to divide us by destroying our values base and creating havoc in a world that’s become more dangerous/unstable since this administration took charge in 2017.

Even religion has not been immune from being dragged through the mud in the name of religious freedom but specifically for politically and/financial gains. This is crazy as we see here from trump’s so called faith adviser Paula White praying (rather ranting) for him to win the election. This is crazy – I mean really crazy.

Now with the brilliant John Oliver;

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