Expecting the Watergate Moment

Many seem to expecting/encouraging the Watergate Moment when Republicans legislatures finally broke ranks with President Nixon but even then this took quite a while to happen and Republicans support remained mostly strong even in the face of a scandal that consumed his second term. So the solid record here is still far from a pretty one to go by at this point. The fact of the matter is that, thanks to a largely distorted version of a party governance model the roots of political corruption / partisanship has been planted quite a while back and will take quite a while to fix in this current climate – or rather meltdown. A good start in my opinion – at least one option – would be to develop a some kind of a Coalition of the Willing in Congress of congressmen/women that are keen to fix politics in Washington “period”; no hidden ideology, partisan tactics or political/personal egos that stand in the way of sound judgement/integrity because this is one coalition that will need to survive in toxic political eco system and needs to be active for quite some time to be successful in putting country way before party and bringing the entire nation to that same page. I believe this can be done otherwise some other approach is desperately needed to fix the mess from the roots.

So final point here is that expectation for Watergate Moment are quite late in the day and really are not high enough for America 2021.

The Lost Generation

The Lost Generation is actually the new generation of politicians that need to be leading the nation not standing on the sidelines; these are the people that need to shape their own future and yet cannot be found in this political jungle except maybe hiding behind or pushing hard in supporting an old tree. In other words we need to fix our governance model in the West in order to develop/maximize a template where the new generation is always taking on leadership roles. One element in this model is the ability to build leaders who more than anything need to be pragmatic, globalist in their approach and with a strong personality/moral foundation. I wouldn’t know where to start frankly but Family/Education are the pillars of any society and points us in the right direction – but that doesn’t necessarily translate to having to wait for another generation to see the results of the effort.

As for the Biden camp the temporary workaround as I’ve mentioned in a previous post would be to ensure the selection of lead government appointees reflect the future and diversity that is America irrespective of political beliefs so long as balanced/foundational.

Oh, and by the way this is not ageism but rather it’s about ensuring that our governance model is always built on a futuristic vision by people who actually have a big stake in it. Still not convinced, OK…well have a Steak instead.

Hope this helps.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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