I hope I’m wrong but I think NOT at this point. That said even if Biden does win, having a close call election is extremely disappointing at one level to the point that the U.S continues to be the Boogie Man in the room for a long time – or maybe America has changed medium term. This also suggests to me that having a man who’s been so disastrous to his country (and the world for that matter) and yet continues to strangle them both with his unscrupulous actions there must be plenty of behind the scenes action taking place in terms of internal/external meddling in U.S. politics itself and not necessarily the election process – you know the deals he talks so much about but not ones he would reveal. But that doesn’t matter; to me what matters are 2 specific things irrespective of election results considering how tight the race is after 4 years of Trump;

1. The vulnerability of the UK in it’s typical role as the young brother to the U.S.  with all forms of influence coming from direction, particularly with a virtually non-existent leadership at the top (or just a virtual leader with no value base to mention – sounds familiar, it should). This young brother approach has to change once and for all to become a more balanced relationship to adapt to times we’ve never experience before; this is obviously unlikely to happen with the current UK government cause policy is not their strong point. So what we need is to become activists ourselves and take the government to the cleaners when they do screw up or when blindly following the bad boy across the pond – and with the frequency this is happening it’s like a full time job.  Once we’re out of the BREXIT muddle we also need to consider a complete overhaul of our political eco system to make more adaptable/accurately representative of our core value base or we’ll all be debased in short order.

2. The EU needs to raise it’s game 10 fold after this close call election in an effort to fill the U.S. void in defending values we’ve all aspired to for generations and also in defending its own existence from the distorted ideology propagated by – a once upon a time close ally. As I mentioned in a post after the 2016 election America needs to be quarantined for while and there must be a well defined/consistent approach in dealing with it from now onwards. In other words the opportunity still stands for the EU redefine/highlight it’s independent/pragmatic/value driven role at the international level but for them to achieve this effectively they also need to get their own house in order to deal with these turbulent times more effectively – and help intelligently realign U.S. policy through performance/results rather than merely personal influence at the top.

Just a thought in the bucket.

Take Care, Stay Safe/Positive & Respect Others Safety

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