Let the Healing Begin 

For the healing to start the first objective is actually quite simple; let’s NOT repeat this mess ever again. So here are a few pointers that I hope could be relevant/make sense;

1- We all know about the necessary national healing that needs to take place urgently in America – and take place in action NOT just rhetoric. A healing effort that needs to be directed towards the American people thus bypassing the broken politics in Congress so that they – the people – can take the lead again to help balance the politics of Congress through political activism rather than the other way round.

2- The other important thing in my opinion that needs to happen is help energise the upcoming administration with a stream of talents representing the new generation from diverse backgrounds – obviously with the relevant expertise – so that they truly come to represent the diversity of a forward looking America and help ensure this becomes the new model for U.S. administrations moving forward.

3- There needs to be a bipartisan effort to come up with an incremental plan to fix the broken politics we see today in many western democracies; a patched up political system is not suitable for the century we live in and is a drag on any genuine effort for development in a global eco system that’s becoming more competitive yet more complex. A new governance model with a systematic re-evaluation mechanism needs to be developed; one that is more adaptable/efficient and effective in facing up to challenges of the future rather than focusing on/encouraging tribal politics that divide the nation and solve nothing. People who insist on a tribal mindset should be allowed to roam the world freely in search for tribal cultures they can adapt with and I am certain they’ll be made to feel welcome. It should also not be possible that with a stroke of a pen the head of the executive branch is able to completely flip established policies and/or affect established norms of behaviour without challenge or become immune from legal challenges to any substantial level or from effective political oversight.

4- Well all need to relearn the concept that Facts Matter and that science is precisely about facts and is unrelated to conspiracy.

5- Finally I would hope that America & western democracies in general be much less susceptible to influence from special interest groups/lobbyists (national or foreign) who do nothing but distort perspectives and endanger our Democracy.

No BIG Bang Approach is expected in the area of political reform but an incremental approach will do just fine

Another thought in the bucket; and to Americans I’d say as Shakespeare would so eloquently put it… Chill!


Take Care, Stay Safe/Positive & Respect Others Safety

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