The question really is this; what kind of a Democracy is the US running “under” with what we know to-date of facts about this Trump administration? I guess the old saying goes; “Only in America” but I would only add; “and thank your lucky stars for that!” at least just considering Western democracies. The damage that’s being done to the U.S. is in may ways irreparable or, if lucky,  will take decades to fix. So the advice in dealing with the US at least where Europe is concerned is to work around it rather that confront or attempt to influence realities; I particularly like Macron’s approach when inviting Trump to Paris and the photo op on the Eiffel tower which in my view is a pragmatic approach in dealing with the man and demonstrates – in Macron’s own way – the fallacy of Trump’s worldview to his own bunch. The situation in the United States is complex and has been building up for decades mainly based on conflicting forces influencing policy & democracy in general in the form of special interests/lobbyist that have gradually taken over the decision making structure and used it for their narrow benefits. There is also plenty for Europe to learn from this American experience and I would only remind all that it’s easier to be complacent rather than developing/applying fixes to the policy formulation bureaucracy within the Europe and particularly the EU.

Note I’ve written quite a few posts on Trump & Democracy if you care to search/review at least another perspective on these issues.
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