It is the work of magicians to be able to appear/disappear at will without people comprehending how it happened. This is the work of former congressman Trey Gowdy who more or less is out of the camera frame conveniently when it is not good news for either the GOP or the current Hacker in charge and only reappears when there is some dirt to throw on the other side. A true diehard Republican this cannot be denied, but that’s as far as his values and political ethics go. I came across Mr. Gowdy in the Hillary Clinton hearings in 2015 as well as during the many former FBI Chief James Comey’s hearings in Congress. I actually liked his methods of questioning and I assumed this guy is driven by his passion to country coupled with a firm value base. It turns out though watching him – when he’s visible that is – through the 4 years of trump that his value system is nothing more than a convenient light switch that he can turn on/off at will based on political convenience; hey maybe that explains the disappearance phenomenon. This precisely why I no longer like watching this guy giving his views on anything whatsoever because despite the sophistication he projects he’s nothing more than a political hack with a switch – oh..and a cowboy accent – and their ain’t much more to say about him specifically. But what I would like to say is this;

As Martin Luther King once said; “I have a dream”. In my case the dream I have is this; Though I am no American I dream that one day I become so popular/influential in the world to the extent that I get a golden opportunity to watch at least 1 of these GOP hacks interacting with their close family to watch the kind of example they set and values they preach; I am truly truly curious. When I watch these people making fools of themselves and demonstrating in no uncertain terms that their value system is nothing more than a gaping hole and the only thing they actually posses is that switch in their hands I can only hope that the new generation is able to switch them off the political scene altogether so they’re no longer counted as politicians but simply as hackers in dark chapter of U.S history.

Let’s make sure we elect politicians that have a record in standing up for values we all support (left-right-center) and ones that don’t have a light switch or ones who are only keen to divide us to secure their path to eventually destroying us from within.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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