Dear Mrs. May 

We hear you’re about to take your summer break – and goodness gracious me – do we deserve it. My suggestion however is that you extend this break to one that it permanent. Come on now, with a permanent holiday the sky is the limit with activities like sky diving, swimming, windsurfing, hunting and just enjoying yourself while giving us e chance to sort the mess, but that’s OK we’re fine with that too. You see a leader in our view is NOT just about results – and you certainly achieved plenty that is detrimental  to this country – but more importantly about how you achieve these results and the way you carry the whole country with you. You’ve certainly carried “part” of your party well – and good on you. But the ultimate question a true leader needs to ask him/herself relates to legitimacy and it goes something like this; would the country at this particular difficult juncture in our history vote for me again to take charge in shaping their future for generations to come? Do I have their back? The answer is quite clear don’t you think? As a matter of fact you’re gradually loosing the backing of your own party, and in key negotiations you are in every sense of the word the weakest link; this is precisely why a permanent warm/sunny holiday makes much more sense. We’ll be busy as mentioned sorting your mess and looking at the accountability side of things just to keep ourselves busy. How about it, are you game?  

Finally here is a favourite theme for a song entitledPlease, Time to Say Goodbye” which I would like to dedicate to you and your incredible team though the word “Please” is my own personal contribution to the title to give more context and a slight touch of Humanity;

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