The disgusting state of affairs in this country seems to have no boundaries. While we’re still in the midst of the BREXIT shambles we are hit by yet another strike with the news that Thomas Cook the British travel icon is being allowed to bite the dust for the 2nd time around I might add; the first time is when foreign shareholder took control of the company. In the link at the end of the post you’ll find an article listing the number of British companies that now belong to foreign business including; Cadebury (confectionary) , Mini (auto), Walkers (snack food) among many others. It is sad/disgusting to continue to watch this trend and here’s why; loosing control of industries translates to vulnerability on so many levels from economic down to loss of hard work in Innovation/Research/Expertise and yes of course on jobs. So when we hear some complaining of immigration distorting the identity of the nation; here is a Brit with an immigrant background – myself – demanding that we stop allowing our iconic brands to be swiftly bought out or controlled by foreign businesses/investors because they do matter not only as an aspect of pride/identity but also as an economic security and future growth; we need to develop our industries NOT sell them to the highest bidder.

Let’s try to bring ownership of these iconic brands back to where they belong and stop allowing others to follow that same fate; surely if we can fork billions of tax payer money to save banks during financial crisis and take partial ownership in them until they return to profit I am sure a similar approach can be adopted to save these great brands. So in brief; instead of sitting on the sidelines watching these catastrophes unravel in front of our eyes lets instead do all possible to help them and share our pride in them for future generations because it makes good sense to do so. 

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====================UPDATE 28/09/2019====================

In response to the discussions on the Sky News “The Pledge” program a few days ago on the subject – clip below – let me ask the hosts a few questions on the topic;

  1. Considering what I mentioned above about the importance of the brand & the industry for this country was there any effort by the government to reactively assess the damage (or proactively assess the potential damage) to try and help the business by all possible measures like loan guarantees? Remember the German government took similar action for it’s auto industry in 2009 – granted different circumstances but at least there was an effort to protect core industries/brands which form backbones for the economy because – and though I am no economic expert – these would be considered investment in the economy.
  2. Should I be shocked when I see celebrities like your good selves take such news of a core business going bust so lightly, suggesting it was inevitable and we just need to carry on as if important national brands and jobs account for little? Is there any national pride left for our important industries/brands or should we passively watch them bite the dust one after another either by going bust or by being taken over by foreign investors?
  3. Beyond the aspect of jobs and pride, do you understand that there is economic value to having a strong/diversified industry base? There are countries desperate to establish 1 strong industry and here we are undermining our own core industries that have taken generations to build/maintain or do we just stick with them in good times only? Trust me when you don’t have core industries/brands you don’t own and will never own your destiny as a nation. 

Oh, and good luck talking tattoos!

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