As one following closely the elections in the U.S. – as many others probably are around the world due to its direct impact on many of the web of interconnected ramifications – I am seeing quite interesting things that are finally beginning to happen on the Democratic side of the fence where Democrats are preparing for their biggest ever battle for the soul of America – while Republicans on other hand are seeking to do all possible to avoid the chance of a proper battle altogether both in plain view and dark/stinking alleyways possibly with the help of foreign friends/adversaries to help give them points directly or indirectly – like the recent well timed normalization of UAE/Israeli relations.

Then Trump goes on the offensive after President Barack Obama’s speech at the DNC suggesting that the reason he is here is because of President Obama – here’s a link. Well now that’s something I can relate to and here is how that makes perfect sense to me;

In one of my older posts on President Obama I suggested that racism was – in my opinion – the biggest factor in the 2016 election. This racist/far right ideologues that have been fuming in America during the Obama presidency – from day 1 of his election – due to his skin color combined with their complete failure/desperation to fight him on track record/temperament meant that they needed utilize all possible tactics to win the 2016 elections (legal or not) to dismantle his work – the Crooked Hillary banner was the convenient shiny object to make you believe it was about the opponent when it was really about doing all possible to destroy the legacy of Obama and taking an enormous sudden turn to the right to help pay for 8 years of frustrated/fruitless tactics against the previous administration. Despite the fact that The Obama’s – again in my opinion – can be considered one of the most successful presidential couple in American history to occupy the White House their election moved America off it’s comfort zone when it comes to dealing with issues of race, and ethnic minorities (though these minorities are slowly/surely becoming majorities). Yes it was a very special moment for America but for some who have more “conservative” tendencies – particularly in the political establishment – it was one bridge too far to cross. This is why the Obama years saw some of the most nasty/vile political standoffs in Congress and direct insults to the President himself were becoming a norm – so much so than during any other American presidency. The Republican party itself and media outlets like Fox NEWS have become a Racism Infection Machine during the Obama Presidency – while you can double/triple that effect during the Trump presidency; if in any doubt just go through their policy portfolio of the Trump government through the last 4 years (national and/or foreign) and you will discover that these mostly affect negatively on people of ethnic minorities or people of color – even foreign alliances/relations with foreign leaders during the Trump years follow that same pattern if you drill down to the details. This while the political swamp feeding the rich/powerful known The Trumps is becoming larger/steeper.

Trump himself has no political ideology, no moral compass of any sort or make (even if a cheap one made in China), no leadership traits, no sense of….(well just no sense); he is purely an old child and at this age learning would NOT be a challenge but an impossibility.

In a nutshell I hope/expect that by 2021 we’ll all see the end of Donald Trump presidency and at the very least that would be one pandemic down the drain. Then starts the task of fixing the mess the biggest of which how someone with the qualification of of Trump mentioned above got elected in first place so that it can never happen again.

Hope that makes sense.

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