We’re now I believe at the final (or at least the final few) defence/s for Covfefe when nothing else seems to be working. I am really beginning to feel sorry for the guy cause as we know the phrase “How High is up”, for Covfefe the situation is slightly different cause for him we have another phrase; “There ain’t more down to go when you reach rock bottom”; the worst part is that it’s all your own doing because you actually believe in your intelligence/wisdom – trust me that’s the biggest Fake News of all time. Your core support base is solely based on the Left/Right divide in the America and I suspect many of your supporters would prefer a more stable/consistent leader to be in charge of the country, cause without that good economic performance is not sustainable and even reversible. This not to mention the broken + hacked political system in America and the tremendous money poured into your campaign – all that and you still managed to lose the Popular Vote.

  • Anyway I believe and hope we’re reaching your D Day, Covfefe
  • So you should really ask yourself should I stay or should I just go away
  • Either way you most certainly could have your day 
  • Where you, Manafort and Cohen may perhaps go the same way

PS: Please watch the Fox New interview clip in the referenced article below; neat.

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