It’s ironic – a term that now has to be associated in both history & language books with BREXIT – that the humiliated/humiliating Theresa May continues to ask parliament for a vote – the 4th time around – when she and her party are doing all possible to avoid a People’s Vote. What is even astonishing is that she and her party continue to use the term “Orderly BREXIT” with a straight face; by friends this ship has sailed long ago so please come up with another definition cause you really look terribly foolish when you repeat it now; so if MP’s hear it again in the House of Commons my humble suggestion is to stand for a moment of silence .

As for the fear of some that hardliners may take charge of BREXIT, I would actually say “bring them on….fast”, because they are now in a sense being shielded by Theresa May from making hard choices which will for sure backfire. Theresa May is currently using fear as the oxygen for her own survival – nothing sophisticated here; this is the dark/toxic ally where our “Democracy” is currently “parked”.  As I mentioned in previous posts there are options out there, but if it comes down to it we should embrace the idea of taking away Theresa May’s lifeline and face up with the hardliners who will eventually either self destruct if they continue to live in their hard shell or will have to play ball. Remember what seems to be an overwhelming majority in this country do not buy into their narratives/approach and the one’s who do will eventually come back to haunt them when reality kicks in; that is of course if the public doesn’t start that process sooner. You see the options are now quite limited and I believe if politicians on all sides are keen to avoid an escalating national crisis and maintain any form of political integrity/self-preservation they will have to side with a People’s Vote on all options available as the only/default viable position otherwise the situation may get quite prickly down quite quickly when someone carries that can.

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