With the daily mess that seems to be swirling around us nowadays – and it’s beginning to feel like Trump Territory – it has always been my view as mentioned in many of my previous posts that BREXIT is in fact about internal structural failures in our political system than it is about our relationship with EU. The EU has been served as a convenient scapegoat for these failures/internal conflicts by a group of eurosceptics and alt-right ideologues who managed to use this opportunity quite effectively with the help of internal/external power brokers. It turns out with the way things are panning out that you can run from facts but you cannot hide them for long; so we’re quite simply at the “Gotcha” moment when reality kicks in when we can clearly see how broken our political system really is leading to fragmented social structures and a fragile Democratic model because we took these for granted for much too long. My friends also remember that this is no longer just a question of politics/governance but now we’re in the realms of national security vulnerabilities. With that said however this in no way suggests that the EU does not require major reform, it only suggests that we now need to look closer to home at our own failures to fairly assess our relationship with the EU.

This is my personal opinion and definitely a discussion for another day; now we just need to sort the mess in our hands and agree on a way forward that does not force short-sited/unworkable solutions down the pike to suite narrow ideological biases but rather solutions that can help unite/heal the country while protecting what’s left of our Democratic values; this while I continue to hope that the new generation within the political establishment across the political divide ceases the opportunity to take the lead in setting a new direction/tone for this country in such a crucial moment in our history. This mess can mark a new dawn for this country at so many levels – a necessary learning curve, but we need to go into this challenge with the approach that “Country comes First so Failure is NOT an Option”.

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