If at all possible let us all forget BREXIT for just a moment or two; if it’s proving difficult let’s consider heading to the pub, cafeteria or just a long walk for an hour or two. Then when we’re back from the break let’s think this question through;

What does it say about our Democracy/Institutions when an utterly discredited leader remains in power after the mess has reached this climax; and by the way this is NOT the kind of mess without real consequences which are plain for all to see at every possible level – even now beginning to show on the streets.  If HM The Queen does have it within her power to dismiss this government – and I believe she does – my humble suggestion to Her Majesty is that we do not need to hit rock bottom before she is willing to take some action when the entire political system is locked down like in no other time in our history. I mentioned this in a recent post so will not rehash here – we need a unity government to help unite the country in these difficult times. If the future of our nation hangs on personal ego’s or even narrow political objectives then what we have is anything but a functioning Democracy.

That’s my opinion.

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