Continued Parliament shambles deliver a big fat 0, not that this was not expected if you remember my previous posts. I myself don’t intend to waste too much time on this post except by saying that we’re now in a corner with limited options and here might be a way out;

  1. Either a longer extension from the EU or revoking article 50 on the condition that it would the start of a well-defined process/timeline to consider BREXIT options including remaining in the EU and possibility of agreeing compromise with the EU on issues of concern for the UK – though at this point I would be reluctant to use the term “negotiate” after all this mess – it can now be considered a swear word if we use it 🙂
  2. A Committee of Independent Experts to help Valuate/Validate viable Proposed Options away from the politics of the day.
  3. A guarantee of free voting for all MP’s on proposed alternatives – away from party whipping system – so that options are limited to 1 or 2 + revoking article 50.
  4. A People’s Vote on all Options including revoking article 50 – this should NOT be a matter of debate
  5. Unity care-taker government to manage (NOT interfere/influence) a process mentioned above.
  6. Once a People’s Vote is completed setting a direction for the country a General Election is held to elect a new government/PM.

I continue to hope/urge MP’s across parties to please put the country first however difficult it may seem in this toxic political environment. It is in difficult times that leadership shines and the first priority has to be uniting our country and protecting our Democracy. Remember BREXIT whether in/out is NOT an end in itself but a process than can also be revisited, so let’s NOT continue destroying the country and dividing the nation because we’ll all still be here at the end of this – well that’s the hope/intention anyway! It’s like that old saying; however passionate we may feel on the subject BREXIT cannot be the hill we should die on and we should turn the page…please.

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