In the latest BREXIT twist – if you’re still awake to follow – the so called “British Government” threatens to change part of an agreement already reached with the EU as I mention here. Then when reviewing the ultimate documentary on British Government Governance Tactology (MGGT) I came across an episode which may help explain things better – I think EU leaders engaged in the BREXIT negotiation should really have started by taking a course watching this documentary in full. Here we can see the tactic of “Omitted Minutes” that perhaps explains the disconnect between the actual agreement and what was minuted by the British officials – that is if you’re still awake to take a “minute” to follow. So the lesson for the EU here is to ensure the signing-off not just of the actual agreement but the official minutes as well, just to make it more fun. Anyway, that’s one trick strategy uncovered, a few hundred more to go to keep us busy in the next few years 🙁

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