To provide context here it is best to view the full IHRA definition of Antisemitism using the link below so that we understand the details and possible ramifications. People will have differing views/questions on this issue because it is not as some suggest a straight forward proposition and here’s a few considerations; 

  1. Is right/proper to place racism in independent boxes treating each separately/differently rather than have 1 universal definition of racism.
  2. Is right/proper to follow religious and/or political definitions of national or international  lobby groups irrespective of our own values and Democratic processes – especially that is what is termed a “working progress definition” and one that sets examples preceded with this comment; “include, and not limited to”. Is this the path/standard we now follow?  
  3. Where does question of Racism end and the action of Free Speech begin? These are complex/related issues that cannot be treated/debated separately and apply to other religions and other forms of racism.

These I feel are all legitimate concerns/considerations and they should NOT be answered through a purely religious or (semi-political) bend, so here’s my 2 cents worth of thought on this issue;  

  • I call on all political parties in Britain to adopt a single/universal definition to all forms of racism in all it’s manifestations and one that sets clear guidelines to differentiate between what is considered Racism and what is Free Speech. This is not an easy issue and cannot be debated/agreed upon behind closed doors because it is so consequential to our Democracy; so public debate is absolutely crucial. More importantly I urge all parties – as I mentioned in previous posts –  to help eliminate internal party groupings and party associations with external lobbyists (religious or other) that only harms our Democracy and turns it into an “Opportunocracy” for the rich & powerful that works in dark alleyways rather than in the light of day; this is actually happening to us slowly and it is a choice if we decide to ignore it.  Instead let’s have the national pride/confidence and integrity to follow our own set of values and not allow our Democracy to be influenced/tainted by narrow national or foreign considerations. Let’s make true allegiance to this country a hallmark of our policy formulation process – including/particularly  social integration & educational policy – and at the same time remind politicians that they are public servants as representative for the people NOT replacing them. 

My concern in the main is NOT about Policy rather it’s more about how we go about formulating Policy and the influences that get in the way.

Hope this helps.

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