Another interesting hearing today with Attorney General Jeff Sessions responding to questions raised during the earlier hearing of the former Director of the FBI James Comey. As usual plenty of analysis in the media that will probably continue for days. But here is my final take on this never ending story about the Trump Inc. that is occupying the White House because it’s really becoming quite “boring”; not in terms of the events but more in terms of the overall outcome. My perception which I feel is becoming clearer every day particularly with these hearings – is that the real source causing the obstruction of justice (or at least the obstruction of due process) when it comes to the Russia investigation is the Republican party as mentioned in a previous post. It seems quite clear to me that some are playing the bi-partisan card/investigative committee’s integrity to give the perception that due process is indeed being followed by Congress. In reality though most Republicans are intent to back Trump come what may and irrespective of the seriousness of the allegations against him as well as some members of his family. The objective is simply to drag the process for as long as it takes – and quiet Trump for a bit – so that they can achieve political objectives related to bills they’re seeking to pass in Congress. This assessment is based on their public statements as well as their lines of questioning during these hearings. In my mind the reputation of the United States as a model & defender of Democracy & Freedom has been devastated by this Trump administration and the political echo system surrounding it and it will take generations to heal such damage. In the interim I hope that Europe & Canada can step up and fill that role. Americans on the other hand need to engage in some form of soul searching to come up with appropriate adjustments in their form of governance; this starting by looking into elements of the constitution to determine if framers intended them as a guide or as a rules written in stone that does not allow them the possibility to evolve/address emerging challenges/perceptions, to corruption and political campaign funding reforms. They may also need to rediscover their position in a new world order led by emerging regional players in South America, Canada, Europe & Asia. It is for this precise reason that I mentioned in this post; The Donald Trump Factor & the Fragility of Democratic Governance that if Democracy/Liberalism is taken for granted without ensuring an effective mechanism for re-evaluation/evolution it becomes obsolete and begins to disintegrate from within. I also hope that the British government and more importantly the British people wisely re-evaluate the BREXIT decision/strategy based on a rapidly changing world order – a lot has happened since the referendum last June which makes it even harder to assess long term prospects of this decision. It may well be worth the risk but why choose to take a risk at all when we can potentially reach an accommodation with the EU to delay the decision for a period when the vision is clearer – just a thought.

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