The issue of sequencing is the order in which things will be discussed between the UK and the EU in the negotiations about Brexit. It is now emerged that the UK has decided to cede and follow EU guidelines where divorce agreement (and bill) will be the first order of business. I guess the British government is slowly coming to the obvious conclusion that they need to play by the rules. Britain can no longer rely on opting out clauses as it had when it was a full member of the EU. The British government needs to understand that days/mindset of “The Empire” is over and they need to come down to earth when dealing with the wider world particularly when considering negotiations with our “current & future” main trading partner – this fact is unlikely to change despite efforts to suggest (or virtualise) other visions for the future of trade. Britain I believe was a corner stone in developing the EU and it will eventually return though not without some damage from current events. In terms of the negotiations this outcome demonstrates the lack of pragmatic vision/strategy of the British team going into the negotiations-employing a kind of policy-as-you-go approach in representing an ideology NOT a nation.

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