I must say that I am NOT surprised by the result of the vote yesterday of the repeal bill. In my mind it is only yet another demonstration of the Conservative party again voting across party lines despite many of them being critical of the bill passed in its current form giving the government increased powers in rewriting laws without consulting parliament. As I mentioned in several previous posts this demonstrates in no uncertain terms the fact that the cavalier BREXITEERS within the Conservative party (and beyond) are indeed keen to ram through their flimsy policies through their flimsy process to break away from the EU at any cost; this despite the fact that the country remains as divided as ever about the decision to exit the EU as we’ve witnessed in recent demonstrations. It is for all intents and purposes a power grab specifically designed to drag the fate of a nation in 1 specific direction irrespective of public opinion and with no interest in providing any form of common sense safeguards by ensuring an inclusive process to get there as a united country. All they want is for us all to go to sleep and wake up when BREXIT happens. And by pure coincidence other parties who are supposed to counterbalance this power grab in parliament are indeed sleeping;

  • Labour: Well, they’re having an identity crisis of their own
  • Liberal Democrats/Greens: They are pro EU but lack the vision/leadership necessary to articulate an alternate way forward and happy only to criticise the government & volunteer in demonstrations (…oh & brag about increased membership numbers!).

So in brief the fate of the nation is in dire straits where politics becomes a clan affair and the nation’s future is at stake. The only hope we have as mentioned in previous post is continued/sustained public pressure to get politicians to unite the country under a single realistic/acceptable vision moving forward.

So let’s NOT go to sleep and try to power grab the the government’s attention. This is a defining moment in our history – a political war – against the far right & the sloppy politicians failing to represent a majority in this country.

PS: Kind of reminds me of the situation in the U.S where the Republicans happy to support Donald Trump so long as they pass the bills.

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