Four days latter and with 4 officials resigning while few Conservative MPs decide to put country before party and yet the child at No. 10 Drowning Street shows no signs of quitting because for him it’s a matter of personal pride and for the clutch of chicks still supporting him “Party” comes first and so it goes. It is truly a shameful national & international disgrace for Britain to be run by these shameless political hacks who seem to be into politics for all the wrong reasons. These are not normal times for the country with an economy in peril post BREXIT and the disunity ramifications due to poor leadership/vision thanks to a flawed process that delivered a flawed referendum and continued throughout the implementation process; the increasing security, health and environmental challenges we face today that requires wise/stable leaders who not only make critical decisions that will inevitably affect generations to come but equally important someone who can to take responsibility for each one of them with integrity. 

But beyond all that and more importantly as I mentioned in my previous blog the country cannot continue to function with a tested/failed political system that belongs to the Middle Ages where PM reigns as an absolute King once in power and the political party functions as the obedient nobles who are there to merely to protect him and protect their own narrow interests (and with a Whip if necessary when someone is out of order); this is NOT Representative Democracy but rather mis-Representative Autocracy. Power needs to return to the people in directly electing their leader and pushing him/her out of power if/when he or she abuses it or betrays their trust. Britain is currently operating in hijack mode and nothing can change that – not even switching party and/or leaders – unless there is a complete system overhaul triggered by someone keen to fix and not pass the buck; Gordon Brown certainly has solid credentials in this regard in my opinion – considering that the crisis we face today in our broken politically vulnerable system is no less challenging than the 2008 financial crisis albeit on a national scale – but there may well be other candidates; the important thing is that we really need to get on with setting the house in order structurally rather than merely doing a clumsy external paint job as we’ve been doing for the last few decades. We need to stop worrying about policy details and develop a system designed to continually reassess the functioning of our Democracy as whole and make the necessary adjustments where there are abuses – a proactive (not reactive) system with the capability/authority to fight corruption, abuses and the meddling of un-elected power brokers at every level of the entire political system. 

Just a thought.

Britain Deserves Better

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