It seems from latest announcement by the chap occupying No. 10 that EU talks are over and we’re in the No Deal territory. I’d say in my opinion as a British/Pro-European not represented by this current mob in charge in Britain that no further EU effort /action should be taken to progress the talks and let the chips fall where they may. This is NOT the best solution but under the current circumstances it seems that this NO-DEAL option is an experience that needs to be had particularly for Britain at this stage rather than signing off on a half baked deal that would undermine the EU and create further frictions down the line during the implementation phase as would likely be the case. This situation in the UK – again in my opinion – is a short term one and eventually this leadership will bite the dust and the situation will self-correct  irrespective of what the future BREXIT approach will be; so there is no need for the EU in this case to make further concessions to a mob that is in charge on a temporary basis; one that is keen to undermine the European project and cannot be trusted on any deal.

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