Well well well; long time no “post” on BREXIT. The reason is quite simple; it’s because it’s been consistently following it’s downward trajectory that many have predicted so it’s kind of boring posting about each news item pertaining to the ramifications of BREXIT. Today however something changed; I heard & read comments by a Polish lorry driver Tomasz Orynski about current shortage of drivers in the UK. His comments truly reveal all one really needs to know about this BREXIT sham we currently (and some would say willingly) are living with in terms of the damage it continues to afflict on our value base, reputation and more importantly our economy. The answer is no longer about politics or social media complaints/commentary but about true activism pure/simple otherwise we’re all culpable to what’s happening to the country so we have no reason to complain/comment. In a country where no viable opposition party is able to take on BREXIT head on with the mess it’s causing day-in-day-out our choices are limited and our obligations are clear if we care to pay attention while we continue to pay with our own future. Anyway here are the comments in text in case the video clip is removed and below is the link to the clip.

I think it’s in a large part problem of drivers returning home because of course of Brexit and the British job market is no longer as attractive for the lorry drivers as it used to be and while there is obviously not so bad shortage in Europe and the drivers are in high demand so they no longer feel to be they need to be in the country where they are clearly feel that they are not welcome. And also the system is making life much more difficult for foreign workers now with all these visas or settled status for people who have been here for like 15 years like me you know it’s a bit even offensive if you were promised that nothing will change for the EU citizens and then you are basically forced to apply for the right to stay at your own home where you are paying taxes for decades or more so many people left and of my Polish friends who are driving lorries in Britain I’m the last one who still here and to think that the migrants are like top with water with which you can open and close where you need it’s just just just insolence you even got this posters everywhere “a dog is for life not for Christmas”.

Well said Mr. Orynski I just wish you were in the Labour party. Indeed we have been coached as a nation that we only care about taking but not giving or committing to anyone or anything – that’s precisely what BREXIT is all about in a nutshell; take back control and give back nothing – no values, no commitment to agreements – just hot air that ends up giving us the big fat ZERO. As for taking back control indeed we’re totally out of control.

So to the “so called” British government let me make a small suggestion considering how special we in this world of ours; how about asking say Australia, India, the U.S. or maybe even China to lend us some lorry drivers for our own/very special BREXIT Christmas. 

Take care

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