A desperate man seeking a photo op to help him with his elections – this in a nut shell represents the sad pattern of foreign influence in a region; influence specifically engineered to serve strategic/national interests & power play stunts rather than resolving conflicts. The only difference now is that military might is no longer necessary to impose this influence cause it turns out that it is much more cost effective to use political corruption coupled with autocratic rule run by unhinged dictators seeking to protect their own self-interest of survival/financial incentives rather than defending a cause that many sacrificed to protect. A bunch of clowns signing a blank cheque will not resolve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict because no solutions for this main issue are on the table, and if anything the Arab clowns who signed off on the agreement will find out sooner or later that they will now be expected to resolve this issue internally between themselves which could translate to quite drastic ramifications nationally at least to some of them – in other words continued regional instability/conflict is anticipated; so get used to it cause party time will soon be over.

As for covfefe, well mr. being a fool puts you at a very big disadvantage cause you can fool no one and the joke consistently turns out on you, so enjoy the party while it lasts.

That’s my opinion anyway; I hope I am pleasantly surprised if there is indeed a final/fair deal for both Israel & Palestine at the end of this farce so that the entire ME region can finally/truly turn a page on all conflicts and the entire region can begin to develop the future that the new generation expects/deserves away from external/negative forces that operate based on a singular dimension of a region rich in history/resources but big on false narratives/choices.


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